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Want to save lives?

Want to save lives?

Being vegetarian saves lives - on average 100 lives every year. It can also improve your health, will protect the environment, and diverts funds away from industries that profit from animal abuse. So, whether you're concerned about animals, saving the planet, or just saving yourself, going veg makes sense on every level. And hot damn - it's delicious!

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Going veg is the number one way to reduce the pain and suffering of animals - but what about making the switch as painless for yourself as well? Don't sweat it, we have time tested tips to start your tasty transition!

Know your stuff. You'll probably be asked some pretty common (and sometimes silly) questions about being veg. Luckily, they are all super easy to answer. Keep your cool, and answer questions thoughtfully, because even though it might seem obvious to you, it may not be to others! Don't stress - the answers are all here for you ;)

Make sure you're getting all the fuel your body needs. Ditching meat, dairy and eggs can do wonders for your health. But as with any diet, if you don't eat well, you'll get sick. Get some basic tips on nutrition here. After all, we owe it to the animals to be lean mean veggie machines, so that we can show others how great cruelty-free living can be.

Do it with a friend! Not only will you have double the impact, but it's fun and you will have someone to share recipes with. You can also find other young Aussies who care about animals at the Unleashed forums.

Go at your own pace. Some people can ditch meat overnight and never look back. Other's find it a bit harder (especially if other people are cooking the meals at home). You could try going meat-free two days of the week to start off. Over time increase the number of days per week, until you've kicked the meat habit completely.

Help with the shopping. Load up the trolley with cruelty-free goodies including mock-meats - which can be used in all the same meaty recipes your family will be used to. PLUS, you can sneak a cheeky milk-free chocolate into the trolley when no-one's looking ;)

Get your hands dirty in the kitchen. Catering for a new diet in the family can be a headache for even the most accomplished cook. Help prepare some delicious cruelty-free meals for the whole family to enjoy. They will be glad for the help, and will learn first-hand how tasty meat-free meals can be!

Don't give up! Being vegetarian or vegan is about helping animals - not about being "perfect". Each meal is an important choice between cruelty and kindness, and it's important not to throw in the towel if you cave in to a craving! Most of us ate meat at some stage, but it's the kind choices we make today which determine how many lives will be saved tomorrow. If you don't eat meat for a week, you'll save two animals' lives. The next week it will be four. In a year, 100 - and over a lifetime, thousands!

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