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Get others involved

Get others involved

You can help animals by sharing your dream of Making it Possible with family and friends. By getting others to join with you, the good you'll be doing for animals will be multiplied many times over!

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Do you want to help animals by putting an end to factory farming? You can make it possible by getting your parents, friends and school to join you!

A really easy way to help them understand how you feel is to write them a letter. Use the points below as a guide to what you could write about.

1. Why not start with a couple of facts about pigs and hens that people may not know? For instance, did you know that ...

  • pigs can learn their own name, and even wag their tails when they're excited?
  • chickens can recognise over 100 individual faces, and love looking for food with their friends?

Find a load more interesting info about pigs and chooks to include!

2. Describe what life is like for a chicken or a pig confined on a factory farm. Get all the details at our info page.

3. Explain why the Make it Possible campaign is so important for animals. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • All animals deserve a life worth living, but factory farms deny them of this.
  • Every animal in a factory farm is an individual, with their own personality and feelings.
  • Each individual animal is a someone, not a something.

4. Finish off by giving your family/friends/school some tips on what you can all do to help farmed animals. Here are some simple suggestions ...

  • Never buy "caged" eggs. These eggs come from hens kept in the worst possible conditions.
  • Try making Monday a "Meat-free Monday" at home, or encouraging one to be adopted at your school. Over time you could try it on more days. See how many you can get to!
  • Find some delicious cruelty-free recipes that can be made at home/school.

Once you've finished writing your letter, all you have to do is give a copy to whoever you think needs it! Your parents, your friends, even your school principal. Why not think even bigger and send a copy to the newspaper? (Ask a parent or a teacher for help on how you can to do that).

p.s. After your letter has been read, it's important that you follow it up. Simply ask, "So, how are we going to Make it Possible here?" Team up with your parents/friends/school to achieve your goal of helping animals. Animals in factory farms everywhere will thank you for it.

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