Touching hearts & changing lives

Touching hearts & changing lives

10 months ago, Make it Possible's little winged pig first flew into the lives of people across Australia and the world. Her message of hope and change for animals -- a world without factory farming -- is working.

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Thanks to the generous support of Australians who want a kinder world, the Make it Possible TV ads are reaching millions of people — and recent research shows they're working.

"Somewhere, there’s a place for us ..."

These are words inspiring real change for animals. When the Make it Possible little winged pig started last year to sing her song of hope, the public sat up and listened.

We always knew that if consumers became informed about the deliberately hidden horrors of factory farming, they would choose not to buy into cruelty. Australians are resoundingly proving this to be true! Roy Morgan consumer research shows that, this year, a quarter of a million more Aussies are avoiding factory farmed products and over 100,000 more people are seeking out alternatives.1

Retailers are responding in kind: expanding their ranges of higher welfare and meat-free options, and reducing lines of factory farmed products. Consumers don't need to wait for governments and industry bodies to grind into gear — the power to create a world without factory farming is in our hands.

With the generous help of supporters and our wonderful pro-bono media buyer, Make it Possible ads are showing in exclusive prime time TV spots — in top rating shows like Border Security, Master Chef and 60 Minutes — with the new round of ads reaching a cumulative audience of 5.4 million people! The networks are pitching in too, with hundreds of bonus spots for our little winged pig and her celebrity ambassadors. 

On behalf of factory farmed pigs, 'meat' chickens and laying hens — thank you. We still have a long way to go, but together we will Make it Possible.

Be part of Make it Possible momentum: share the video, sign the pledge — and help free animals from factory farms.

[1] Roy Morgan consumer research: A year on year comparison of the April 2011-March 2012 versus the April 2012-March 2013 databases.

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