Make it Possible heading for primetime!

Make it Possible heading for primetime!

Caring Australians inspired by the idea of a world without factory farming have stepped up by the thousands to get the message of Make it Possible right where it should be: beaming into hearts and homes across the country -- in primetime.

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A special message from Animals Australia Communications Director, Lyn White.

I know that you and every other Animals Australia supporter are with us all the way in the fight to free animals from cruelty. But your compassion and generosity on behalf of these animals has left me overwhelmed and humbled.

Let me fill you in on what has happened...

You will recall that recently the National Farmers' Federation mounted an ugly political assault on Coles for supporting our campaign to end factory farming when Make it Possible bags appeared in Coles stores. We stepped in and ended the attack, knowing that we could do more for animals by redirecting our energy.

We asked for your help to achieve the one thing the farming lobby was trying to stop — exposing the cruelty suffered by animals in factory farms.

And you have outdone yourself.

Outrage turned into action as thousands of caring people chipped in to get the Make it Possible ad back on TV. Our website nearly crashed under a tidal wave of support. If yours was one of the kind donations that couldn't be processed at this time, please, please try again.

Together we have already raised enough funds to broadcast Make it Possible during MasterChef in Sydney and Melbourne on Monday 10 June! Usually this type of advertising is reserved for the most powerful corporations. But on Monday we are taking over tv screens on behalf of every voiceless battery hen; every distressed mother pig; and on behalf of each and every factory farmed animal who deserves a life worth living.

Every single dollar donated is helping to get this life-changing ad airing right across the country. There's still time to make your donation to give an abused animal a voice.

Last week the farming lobby fought hard to shut down an initiative aiming to raise awareness about factory farming. But their bully tactics backfired and instead resulted in nation-wide media — with more people now talking about factory farming than we could ever have hoped for.

This is one cause, and one little pig, that won't be tied down. Thank you for helping her fly!

Lyn Lyn
Lyn White
Campaign Director

P.S. I thought you'd like to know that Coles reports that its customers were jumping at the opportunity to support Make it Possible. One third of all bags sold out in just a day! We've put our own Make it Possible bags on special, with free postage. So you can buy yours online and take it to Coles the next time you shop!

P.P.S. If you have already donated towards the Make it Possible TV ad — thank you so very much! Please consider sharing this important message with caring friends and family.

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