The Impact: Millions worldwide embrace message of kindness

The Impact: Millions worldwide embrace message of kindness

'Shockingly beautiful.' 'An idea whose time has come.' 'Inspiring, devastating and hopeful.' With the help of caring people across the globe, Make it Possible's little winged pig is inspiring action and creating positive change for animals. Find out how this unprecedented campaign is opening hearts and minds -- and making a major impact.

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Make it Possible is making waves across the globe; helping to create meaningful change for animals and uniting millions of caring people with a common goal: a world without factory farming.

Lauded as one of the most significant campaigns from the international animal welfare movement, Make it Possible has captured the imagination of Australian and international media, with stories running in Woman's Day, The Sunday Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Age, The Australian, news.com.au and on Channel 10 News, Sunrise and The Project — among many others.

Retailers and industry respond

The response from major retailers has been encouraging, with Coles and Woolworths responding to public concern about the treatment of animals raised for food by committing to stock fewer factory farmed products. With the spotlight now on them, peak industry groups have been reeling in their defence of the status quo with such outlandish claims as hens in cages are 'safe from the weather'.

Millions reached

If a picture does paint a thousand words — then imagine the impact of a video! With the Make it Possible TV commercials already reaching three million Australians, and our campaign videos viewed over 300,000 times online to date, it's not surprising that more than 70,000 people have already pledged to Make it Possible. For many of those people, the Make it Possible ad and videos have provided their first look at the cruel reality of factory farming.

Make it Possible goes global

The response has also been overwhelmingly positive in the blogosphere, as influential pages like Mamamia, Cheezburger, Ecorazzi and AVAAZ eagerly embrace Make it Possible's powerful message of kindness and hope.

That message has proved to be universal, too, with the 11 minute Make it Possible campaign video being translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. We are working with other organisations to air the Make it Possible ad overseas, and our friends at Compassion in World Farming in the United Kingdom have helped to amplify the campaign's international impact by sharing it with their many supporters.

Stars show support

A host of respected Australian identities have proudly stepped up to support Make it Possible — with our newest Ambassadors, health and fitness guru Michelle Bridges and Australian fast bowler Peter Siddle, demonstrating that kind living is healthy living.

All this is just the beginning. Such a passionate reception shows that Make it Possible is the right idea at the right time. With your support, together we will keep this little pig soaring — and create a world without factory farming.

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